Monday, 13 May 2013

My Experience with Electronic Cigarettes Starter Kits

I am a working lady and when I was 16 I had got addicted toward smoking. With time passes, my smoking craving had become stronger and stronger. When I was 19, I used to inhale more than 4 packets per day and I would smoke every time i.e. before going to sleep, early in the morning, before and after taking lunch, dinner and breakfast. My smoking addiction had become more and more and I even would smoke after dessert or after drinking coffee. My parents were getting tensed because of my unusual smoking desire.  Because of my drastic smoking addiction, I suffered with many diseases including high blood pressure, sinus, coughs and many more other health issues. That time I feel that smoking made me sick and weak. My parents forced me to look over the available alternatives of cigarettes and therefore, I was looking toward various rehabilitation centers but none of them made me away from my smoking habit. And one day, one of my friends suggested me to try electronic cigarettes.

That time, electronic cigarettes are not popular among common people and therefore, I never heard about electronic cigarette before. I was quite confused about the side effects and the quality of this electric device. But, my friend insisted me to purchase the electronic cigarette and finally I purchased my first e cigarette. From now onwards, I become a permanent user of this best smokeless cigarette. I enjoyed my last cigarettes on 2008 and after using my first e cigarette I rely on this device blindly. Green smoke is the brand which I had smoked first and now I love this brand very much.

Green Smoke is one of my favorite brands as it allows me to smoke whenever I want. Green Smoke offer different types of starter kit that are especially designed by keeping in mind the need and desire of different types of smokers. My first cigarette was Green Smoke disposable kit. With this kit, my clothes wouldn’t smell. I love the disposable cigarette very much as it makes me aware about the taste and quality of electronic cigarettes when I was using this device first time in my life. Those people who are getting confused about where to buy e cigarettes, most of the online retailers of e cigarettes are the best option or them.

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