Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Electronic Cigarettes- A much Finer Smoking Experience

I was a stubborn child since my childhood days but my father had always been for me at all times. I simply love my dad very much. He always comes up with solutions for every problem. But one of his habits that annoy me is that he is an intense smoker. He started to smoke since class nine. So, you can guess how intense smoker he is? I tried to stop him many times but he didn’t listen. He simply locked him up in a room and used to smoke. I was tensed and I wanted to help him to control the habit of smoking.

One day my father started vomiting due to severe headache. He was immediately shifted to ICU. I can’t think of that day again. Doctor’s report said that due to a small blood clotting on the head, he had a small brain hemorrhage. I was shocked to know that he was even unable to recognize any of us. When I asked doctor, he told me that smoking was the main reason of the hemorrhage. When I shared my tension to my friend, he suggested me to go for electronic cigarettes. On returning, I researched on the reviews of electronic cigarettes that were put forward by the users. While researching I found a very good electronic cigarette reviews website. The website ranked the different brands according to the different features possessed and as per best ratings. So, I came to know about the best brands in the market.

I purchased packets of V2 cigarettes for dad. It was because I knew that it would be very difficult to quit smoking but could be controlled to a certain extent. He started using it and he is very happy with it today because it is very easy to use. The most important factor that is to be considered is that it offers great flavors and amazing starter kits. My father is extremely satisfied with the products as he tells me that he gets the same pleasure as he used to get with traditional tobacco cigarettes. V2 cigs is one of the best electronic cigarette brand present in the market. Luckily, it has been six months from now and he is fully recovered.

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