Tuesday, 23 April 2013

V2 Cigs Assures Better Smoking Experience with Its Satisfying Products

V2 Cigs is a leading brand of electronic cigarette in the market from past few years. The brand produces large number of e cigarette products including Starter Kits, Flavors Cartridges and large number of accessories. Millions of users are bounded with the great e cigarette rendered by the brand. Why so, it is just because the brand uses enhanced technology in its product to provide pleasant smoking experience as tobacco cigarettes. V2 Cigs was originated five years back and now it is the top brand in this entire niche.
The main motive of the brand is to make people switch to their products and enjoy same smoking sensation they get from real tobacco cigarettes. People are addicted to nicotine, not to cigarettes. Nicotine is an addictive drug which makes people habitual of serving them. By keeping these things in mind, they use nicotine in their products but how; actually an electronic cigarette consists of cylindrical tube in which a solution is made with a combination of water and propylene glycol. This solution provides same nicotine craving as tobacco cigarettes.
By puffing these electronic cigarettes we can enjoy vapor smoking with same taste of tobacco as of real cigarettes. V2 Standard Kit and V2 Ultimate Kit are the most popular kits rendered by the brand. It consists of an electronic cigarette, USB Charger, USB Wall Charger, USB Adaptor, flavors cartridges. Apart from this, it produces large variety of accessory such as aluminum drip tips, V2 express charger, V2 Power-Cig, V2 Soft Case, V2 Portable Charging Case which can be used to charge the e cig batteries on the go.
These accessories mean a lot in enhancing the features of these kits. Beyond this, V2 Cigs fully concentrates on the service field. Apart from good quality, it provides amazing shipping services to its customers to get products easily without a single walk. The service is available for more than 100 nations. It delivers the products through International Express Service which has such fast services that they deliver the products within 2 Business Days.

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