Monday, 22 April 2013

Electronic Cigarettes plays up an important part in my life

Hi, I am David Smith, a DJ at Night Club and enjoying my life with electronic cigarette. From childhood I am fond of listening music and make it remixed with software. This is my best creativity I can do very easily. In my college days, I was known as a Rock Star as I make the whole college to dance on my beats. Then I started work as a DJ in a small disco and still playing that role desperately in one of the biggest night club. As I am telling I am fond of music, but one thing more which I loved the most is Smoking. I cannot leave without it, even a single hour. It makes my life more rocking. I still remembered those days with my friends in my college time when we bet with friends that who smokes a lot. After college life, this habit came with me and I am enjoying its presence. 

Then in Disco, as you know the environment of discos, I start smoking more and more until it starts affecting my body. Those days were such bad that they forced me to move on bed. My health was felt down and I was unable to improve my health because my habit was not allowing me to leave those bloody cigarettes. Then one day, a good friend of mine named Lisa helps in taking me out of that situation. She offered me a device which is similar to the real cigarettes and that was electronic cigarette of South Beach Smoke. It was such a powerful device which allows me to serve it rather than cigarettes.

After using that electronic cigarette, I give up with the real cigarettes and now I am living my life happily even more with such a fantastic smoking sensation by this alternative product. Really, it is playing an important role in my life.

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