Monday, 15 April 2013

Electronic Cigarette saves the desire of Smoking

If your desire would be killed forcefully, what will you do? That’s what happened with me. Amazing days of my college was transformed into responsibilities of a good father. Starting from my college days when life was easily going with pocket full of cigarettes. A day starts with this loving partner and nights at its best. That days were awesome, popular in whole college with the gang of smokers, we smoke at our favorite place, in cafeteria. I am one of the desperate smokers in my whole group. As belonged from high class family, don’t care about money and to buy packs of cigarettes daily was my routine. I can’t live without that relishing taste more than a minute and of course without my girlfriend too. After cigarette, that was my girlfriend, with whom I want to spend my whole life. We both enjoy our relationship at its best. After a long relationship, we decided to marry, to spend our whole life with each other. I still remembered my marriage day which was the one of the best moments of my life.
Suddenly, my marriage life takes a broad change; duties of father were far more than my desire. After marriage, I am still smoking as you already know; it was my partner after my wife. But after a couple of months my wife became pregnant and that was a serious turn happened in my life.  My life went out of the track when one day my wife told me to leave smoking cigarettes as it can affect our child mentally as well as physically. That time I was frustrated a lot after hearing those words from my wife. She was saying to leave that thing which had more importance in my life rather than me.
I will continue my post as I get time again to complete my blog. Still stay tuned for my next post.

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