Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Electronic Cigarettes- A much Finer Smoking Experience

I was a stubborn child since my childhood days but my father had always been for me at all times. I simply love my dad very much. He always comes up with solutions for every problem. But one of his habits that annoy me is that he is an intense smoker. He started to smoke since class nine. So, you can guess how intense smoker he is? I tried to stop him many times but he didn’t listen. He simply locked him up in a room and used to smoke. I was tensed and I wanted to help him to control the habit of smoking.

One day my father started vomiting due to severe headache. He was immediately shifted to ICU. I can’t think of that day again. Doctor’s report said that due to a small blood clotting on the head, he had a small brain hemorrhage. I was shocked to know that he was even unable to recognize any of us. When I asked doctor, he told me that smoking was the main reason of the hemorrhage. When I shared my tension to my friend, he suggested me to go for electronic cigarettes. On returning, I researched on the reviews of electronic cigarettes that were put forward by the users. While researching I found a very good electronic cigarette reviews website. The website ranked the different brands according to the different features possessed and as per best ratings. So, I came to know about the best brands in the market.

I purchased packets of V2 cigarettes for dad. It was because I knew that it would be very difficult to quit smoking but could be controlled to a certain extent. He started using it and he is very happy with it today because it is very easy to use. The most important factor that is to be considered is that it offers great flavors and amazing starter kits. My father is extremely satisfied with the products as he tells me that he gets the same pleasure as he used to get with traditional tobacco cigarettes. V2 cigs is one of the best electronic cigarette brand present in the market. Luckily, it has been six months from now and he is fully recovered.

Friday, 26 April 2013

V2 Cigs – For Great Vaping Experience

Hello, I am a Doctor in Keck Hospital of USC, Los Angeles. I put forward my hard work to save life of others but my own life was at risk, it shocked me man. When I think about those movements, my whole body starts shivering. Don’t be confused, let me clear my words. Along with doctor, I was a decent smoker who smokes 2 full packs of cigarettes daily. But things have been changed as we move on. Now everything is so calm and good, I am enjoying my life with V2 Cigs.

V2 Cigs is a well known brand which delivers good quality electronic cigarettes which can be used as an alternative to replace tobacco cigarettes. I was saying that I was losing my health which is something cheap to hear that “A doctor with the Bad Health”. I knew the bad affects of real cigarettes but it was impossible for me to control my smoking habit. I start looking for the stuffs which help me in leaving tobacco cigarettes. Then I found one of the best alternatives which can really help me in giving up to the cigarettes. I found V2 Cigs as the best e cigarette brand which is bind with millions of customers using them.

This brand produces such good electronic cigarettes which provide same smoking sensation as real cigarettes. I am enjoying the same nicotine craving as I got from the packs of cigarettes. The brand produces large variety of Flavors Cartridges which provides different taste of Tobacco. I like Vanilla Flavor; it is so good that it provides smooth taste of Vanilla while puffing them. I am enjoying V2 Cigs, it boosts up my life with happiness and it make me same as I am before.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

V2 Cigs Assures Better Smoking Experience with Its Satisfying Products

V2 Cigs is a leading brand of electronic cigarette in the market from past few years. The brand produces large number of e cigarette products including Starter Kits, Flavors Cartridges and large number of accessories. Millions of users are bounded with the great e cigarette rendered by the brand. Why so, it is just because the brand uses enhanced technology in its product to provide pleasant smoking experience as tobacco cigarettes. V2 Cigs was originated five years back and now it is the top brand in this entire niche.
The main motive of the brand is to make people switch to their products and enjoy same smoking sensation they get from real tobacco cigarettes. People are addicted to nicotine, not to cigarettes. Nicotine is an addictive drug which makes people habitual of serving them. By keeping these things in mind, they use nicotine in their products but how; actually an electronic cigarette consists of cylindrical tube in which a solution is made with a combination of water and propylene glycol. This solution provides same nicotine craving as tobacco cigarettes.
By puffing these electronic cigarettes we can enjoy vapor smoking with same taste of tobacco as of real cigarettes. V2 Standard Kit and V2 Ultimate Kit are the most popular kits rendered by the brand. It consists of an electronic cigarette, USB Charger, USB Wall Charger, USB Adaptor, flavors cartridges. Apart from this, it produces large variety of accessory such as aluminum drip tips, V2 express charger, V2 Power-Cig, V2 Soft Case, V2 Portable Charging Case which can be used to charge the e cig batteries on the go.
These accessories mean a lot in enhancing the features of these kits. Beyond this, V2 Cigs fully concentrates on the service field. Apart from good quality, it provides amazing shipping services to its customers to get products easily without a single walk. The service is available for more than 100 nations. It delivers the products through International Express Service which has such fast services that they deliver the products within 2 Business Days.

New Age Vaping with Green Smoke

Green Smoke, one of the leading electronic cigarette brands offers valuable products. As we know Tobacco Cigarettes are harmful for us as it contains nicotine which is a harmful drug. Nicotine produces Tar which is the main reason of Lung Cancer; it totally destroys our lungs which causes severe death. After so much concern on tobacco cigarettes, Green Smoke produces electronic cigarette which proves as a fruitful alternative of tobacco cigarettes.
Green Smoke produces electronic cigarettes which consist of flavor cartridge and battery. Battery works as power source to heat the e liquid into vapors. These vapors are free of smoke and do not contain any harmful chemicals as present in nicotine. We can enjoy pleasant smoking by puffing these smokeless cigarettes. It fulfills the nicotine craving required by us. The brand also produces large number of flavors which has same taste as tobacco used in real cigarettes. These flavors provides smooth draw as cigarettes and also produce thick vapor for a great smoking sensation.
The brand produces variety of products such as different electronic cigarette kits and large number of exciting accessory to enhance the features of electronic cigarettes. We can permanently switch to this alternative as it is a better option to replace cigarettes and it also saves our life from several diseases such as Heart Attacks, Cancer etc.
The rich variety of flavor is available to experience different taste of the tobacco such as Absolute Tobacco, Tobacco Gold, Red Label tobacco, Menthol Ice, Mocha Mist, Vanilla Dreams and Smooth Chocolate. We can choose any of these flavors to enjoy different taste. Beyond this, all these flavors are available in different nicotine strengths vary from Strong strength which contains 2.4% of nicotine to the Zero Strength for those who want to enjoy the vaping without nicotine in their puff.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Electronic Cigarettes plays up an important part in my life

Hi, I am David Smith, a DJ at Night Club and enjoying my life with electronic cigarette. From childhood I am fond of listening music and make it remixed with software. This is my best creativity I can do very easily. In my college days, I was known as a Rock Star as I make the whole college to dance on my beats. Then I started work as a DJ in a small disco and still playing that role desperately in one of the biggest night club. As I am telling I am fond of music, but one thing more which I loved the most is Smoking. I cannot leave without it, even a single hour. It makes my life more rocking. I still remembered those days with my friends in my college time when we bet with friends that who smokes a lot. After college life, this habit came with me and I am enjoying its presence. 

Then in Disco, as you know the environment of discos, I start smoking more and more until it starts affecting my body. Those days were such bad that they forced me to move on bed. My health was felt down and I was unable to improve my health because my habit was not allowing me to leave those bloody cigarettes. Then one day, a good friend of mine named Lisa helps in taking me out of that situation. She offered me a device which is similar to the real cigarettes and that was electronic cigarette of South Beach Smoke. It was such a powerful device which allows me to serve it rather than cigarettes.

After using that electronic cigarette, I give up with the real cigarettes and now I am living my life happily even more with such a fantastic smoking sensation by this alternative product. Really, it is playing an important role in my life.