Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Personal Views for Electronic Cigarette

Electronic Cigarettes prove its importance in my life. Today I want to share with you my views for Electronic Cigarette and how did I come to know about this exciting gadget. I remembered those days of my college when I enjoyed smoking cigarettes. At that time, _ puff around 2 packs of cigarettes daily. You don’t believe, I am totally dying to smoke. It had in continuous pace even more. I start loving the sensation it gives to me. But now everything is changed, I am still alive without serving them from past 4 years.

That days due to increase in serving of nicotine, I start losing my stamina day by day as nicotine has a worst effect on human cells. Without even thinking those negative points I am in my own way in enjoying with those freaking guys.

Rather than taking care of mine, I start smoking more and more and reach to a position like a hell to me. In those bloody days, one good friend of mine had suggested me to give a try to the electronic cigarette and also promised me that your life would be better after using it. Actually he also came to know about this from a well known electronic cigarette reviews website which is extremely awesome in giving best reviews to the new users. When I read reviews on that website, it makes me feel terrible that what I am doing with myself. That’s how I switch to this alternative solution to the real cigarettes.

I will continue my post as I get time again to complete my blog. Still stay tuned for my next post.

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