Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Manage Nicotine Cravings with Electronic Cigarettes

Nicotine, a harmful drug has a worst affect our life. Without knowing its bad impacts, we start falling for that great loving taste of nicotine. This nicotine when burnt produces some harmful compounds and Tar is one of them. Tar has a worse affect on anybody’s body. If we inhale Nicotine frequently for a long time, then formed Tar gets absorbed by our lungs which cause Lung Cancer. So by keeping this in mind and the smoking desire of the smokers, the step was taken to produce electronic cigarettes.
Nowadays better options are available to fulfill or manage this nicotine craving. One among them is an electronic cigarette. Really it has a great impact on tobacco smokers and is continuously on a high pace. This great technology was first invented in around 1970’s to use an alternative for real cigarettes but do not get first impression on smokers, Then again in year 2000, it pick up the pace in developing and used by smokers. It is going to be more enhanced with lot of improved features. From past few years so many brands has been in the market which are producing electronic cigarettes.
How Electronic Cigarette is efficient for smokers?
As we know, it provides same smoking experience as Traditional cigarettes but how it can. E Cig is an electronic device which consists of cylindrical tube having Nicotine Liquid. Nicotine liquid is prepared with water and propylene glycol which provides same smoking sensation as real. This nicotine solution is converted in vapors. Atomizer is an electronic gadget which contains heating coil to convert that nicotine solution to a vapor form which provides same taste and smoking experience as real one.
So don’t play with your life, just switch to this great alternate choice to get rid of nicotine addiction and be risk free from many diseases.   

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